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How To Set The Global Calendar In MS Project 2010

Updated: May 11, 2018

In the earlier tutorial we have learnt How to create a new calendar for a project in Microsoft Project 2010. The problem we generally face is we have to make this all the time when we create a new project as by default we have only three calendars in the MS project "24 Hrs", "Night Shift" and "Standard".

So, if you would like to create a new Calendar and add the same into your default list, here is the simple tip you can follow. Let's learn how to make a newly created calendar as a Global calendar by making it default.

Step 1:

Go to "Project" >> "Change Working Time">>

Step 2:

And Click on "Create a New Calendar"

Step 3:

Name the Desired calendar. Here i am naming it as "6 Days"

Step 4:

In the Bottom of the window, go to "Work Weeks">> Click on "Details" and Click "OK"

Step 5:

In the Details for Default Wizard, select sat'day and  specify the timings in the window by selecting the "Set Days to the specific working times:" 

Step 6:

Now the New Calendar has been created and you can assign this calendar to the current project by Going to "Project">> "Project Information"

Step 7:

And Select the newly created "6 days calendar" from the drop down menu under "Calendar" Field

Step 8:

and now the Final Step, Go to "File">> Click  "Organizer";

Step 9:

Go to "Calendars" in the Organizer Window