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How to adjust the Legend Space in Microsoft Project

Updated: May 17, 2018

In this Tutorial, let us see how to adjust the space occupied by the Legends in Microsoft Project, enabling for a better professional print of the schedule.

Step - 1:

Open the Microsoft Project schedule and go to File>>Print Preview;

Step - 2:

At the bottom of the print preview, you can view the Legend portion. Sometimes the legend space occupies the major portion of the page, making it unprofessional to print the schedule reports.

Step - 3:

So, in order to adjust this legend space,you need to go back to the schedule's Gantt chart view and place the cursor at the gantt chart and right click to select the Bar styles option.

Step - 4:

Here, you can view all the Legend Labels.

Now start entering the symbol asterisk * at the beginning of all the labels which you intend not to reflect in the print view as shown here

Now here is the Schedule layout with minimum ; only required legends