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Resources I Recommend

Following are the resources that I recommend to improve knowledge.

I put together on this page as a ready reference. I will be updating the page as I come across new resources.


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This is a great book for beginning your Excel Learning. It will serve you as a guide to all topics in Excel. This book will certainly help you in developing from a beginner to an advanced level.


This book is very clear, easy-to-follow and makes Excel approachable. I am a fan of the Dummies series. They’ve helped me get started with many technical topics.

This book covers everything about dashboard designing. This will help you in learning how to design Excel dashboards from scratch. It will also help in designing reports.

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This book is well written and easy to understand with step by step detailed explanation. I recommend to start your learning with this book, if you are looking to design and develop projects in Primavera P6.

This book is can be considered as a guide and training manual for the Project Management Professionals who wish to learn how to plan and control projects with Resources and Roles.


This book attempts to explain the computer-aided construction management programme concepts and deals with various techniques of project management.

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This book focuses on what you really need to know to pass the PMP exam. This book consists of exclusive exercises and tricks of the Trade. A straightforward approach to complex material.

You will gain an understanding of the following from this book:

  • An overall understanding of Agile, its methodologies and common practices

  • An introduction to Scrum, a key Agile methodology

  • The various aspects of Agile planning as well as execution

Toyota's secret weapon is Lean production-the revolutionary approach to business processes that it invented in the 1950s and has spent decades perfecting. This book explains all about the concept involved.

Primavera P6

Project Management Books

This is a list of tools I use

Hp laptop.jpg

Finding the right laptop has never been easier. This HP Omen works fine for me for posting YouTube videos and publishing tutorials. This is very handy, fast, and easy to use for any user.


YETI USB Microphone is the excellent microphone I have ever used.This has got Multiple pattern selection - cardioid, bidirectional, omni-directional and stereo. This can can record almost in any situation.


Camtasia from TechSmith is a great screen recording software.  It allows you to capture and record your screen activity. I use it to record my Tutorials. This is the best tool to produce YouTube videos.

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