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Funny Walking Trick In Microsoft Project

Updated: May 17, 2018

Here is a funny geeky trick you can learn in the Microsoft project where the gantt chart can be made walking as shown in the video below.

Step 1:

Open the Microsoft Project and add two tasks TASK-1 and TASK-2

Step 2:

Now add the Duration as "2 Days". This trick works with only of 2 duration. So Enter the Duration for the two tasks as 2 days.

Step 3:

Enter the Start dates for the two task and the finish dates arrive by default based on the duration. you might be aware of this.

Step 4:

Right click on the Finish Date of Task-1 and Select "Copy cell"

Step 5:

And now Right Click on the Start Date of Task-2 and select the "Paste special" and choose the Paste Link and click "OK"

Step 6: 

Similarly Copy the Finish Date of the Task-2 and Paste it as the Paste link option in the Start Date of Task-1

And now observe the funny walking of the Gantt chart instantaneously, This can only be stopped either by changing the duration of the tasks or by deleting any of the tasks.

Here is the detailed Video attached for your better understanding of the funny Trick in MSP.

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