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Project Schedule Compression Techniques In Primavera P6 Explained - Fast tracking and Crashing

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

In this tutorial, let's learn about schedule compression techniques, they are nothing but Fast tracking and crashing.

What is Fast Tracking?

Doing Critical activities in parallel, there by reducing the project duration is called as fast tracking.

What is Crashing?

By increasing the resources allocated in critical activities, we can reduce the activity duration and then reduce the project duration. this technique can't be applied in all activities.

Let us consider a sample schedule like this

Here, the project duration is 55 days.

As part of Fast tracking, we plan the critical activities to run in parallel and there by we can reduce the duration of the project to 31 days.

Where as in the Crashing technique, we increase the resources for the critical activities and there by reduce the duration of the project say 38 days.

Let us understand the same concept with an example in the Primavera P6.

Here, you can notice that the project is having 6 activities with total duration of 55 days.

First, let us try the Fast tracking method i.e by running the activities in parallel. To do that, we need to change some of the relationships to Start-to-Start

Once you schedule the project , you will notice that the project duration has been reduced to 31 days.

Now, let us see the crashing technique.

Let us consider the same project duration of 55 days again.

and then increase resources to some of the critical activities.

Then, schedule the project and you will notice that the project duration has been reduced to 38 days now.

So friends, this is all about the project schedule compression techniques.

Watch this video tutorial for better understanding:

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