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How To Modify Activity ID Suffix In Primavera P6

In this video, let us learn how to modify activity ID suffix In Primavera P6

In primavera p6 we can use the renumbering activity id function to modify the activity id prefix.

How about modifying the suffix of the activity id.? I will show you how to do this in this video now.

This is my sample project with default IDs like this.

1. Go to Tools in the menu bar

2. Select the Global change

3. Click on New button

4. Keep the subject area as Activities and in the IF section, leave it as blank

5. In the Then section, click on Add, in the parameter select Activity ID, in the parameter/value field select activity Id again.

6. In the operator field select & and, in the parameter,/value field select as custom and enter the suffix that you want to add for say I am typing as “DP”

7. Now, click on the change button.

8. Then P6 will show us a preview of all the changes

9. Click on Commit changes if you are ok with all the changes

10. Close all the opened dialog boxes and observe that all the activity ids have been modified like this with suffix.

So friends, this is all about how to modify activity ID suffix In Primavera P6.

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Watch this video tutorial for better understanding:

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