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Chart View Feature In Primavera P6

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

This tutorial will help u in viewing the WBS/Schedule in Chart View  layout.

I use this function mostly for the reporting purpose,as it is graphically aesthetic and summarized when compared to the default tracking layout.

Mentioned here are the steps to follow for enabling this function

1. Open a project, go to  Menu bar , select the Project>>WBS to view the WBS of the schedule.

2. Go to Menu Bar and select View>>Show on Top>>Chart View to see the chart view layout of the opened project schedule.

So, this is how it will look like in the first instance (as the project is of multi levels).

3. Now, To make it look even better, we have to adjust the level of WBS and this will also enable us to print it in an A4 Size and we can use the layout for Powerpoint presentations as well.

Right Click, select Collapse tool and Select  WBS Level 3 (or'else as per your wish) and click "OK".

Now, the Final Chart View Layout will be visible as shown below.

You can even print this to a pdf format for inserting the chart view layout as a clipart into any presentation.

Here is the video tutorial explaining the detail steps involved.



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