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How To Quickly Unhide Multiple Sheets In Excel At Once

In this Tutorial, Let us see How To Quickly Unhide Multiple Sheets In Excel At Once, with a single click.

Generally, to unhide any sheet in excel, we right click on any sheet name, select the Unhide option, then a pop up window will open up, where we select the exact sheet that we would like to unhide.

But the main problem here is that we can not unhide all sheets at once in a single go. The solution is to keep on unhiding sheets one by one.

So, Here in this tutorial let us see how we can unhide multiple sheets at once with a single click using a VBA code.

Step 1:

Right click on any sheet tab and click on View Code option, you can use the key stroke shortcut as ALT+F11 as well to go to the VBA window.

Step 2:

In the VBA window, go to Insert, click on Module to insert a new module.

Step 3:

Copy the code mentioned below and paste in the new module

Sub Unhideallsheets()

For Each Wrksheet In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets

Wrksheet.Visible = True

Next Wrksheet

End Sub 

Step 4:

Go back to Excel sheet, view macros by pressing ALT+F8, select the "Unihdeallsheets" macro and click on Run.

Now, you will observe that all the hidden sheets have been unhidden at a go.

It is so quick that you can notice how much time has been saved by this trick.

Watch this video tutorial for better understanding:

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