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How to Name a Cell and Range of Cells in EXCEL using "Name Manager"

Updated: May 2, 2019

In this tutorial, Let us see and learn how to use the "Name Manager" Feature in Excel, which make it easier to create, use and understand formulas.

Naming can be applied to cells, cell ranges, tables, formulas, constants etc. Once the naming is done, these can be referenced anywhere in the Excel spreadsheet.

To Name a Cell:

1. Select the cell that you want to name

2. Go to the Name Box on the top left corner

3. Type the Name and press "ENTER" (this is very important, unless you press enter, name would not be created)

4. Start Using the name that you have typed anywhere in the spreadsheet to refer to the cell that you have named

5. An Example has been demonstrated in the video below

To Name a Range of Cells:

1. Select the Range

2. Name it in the name box

3. Use the name in your formulas

5 points to remember while using this Naming Feature:

1. No spaces allowed in the name. Use "_" instead

2. Names can't  be repeated

3. You cannot name with the cell addresses

4. Do Not create More number of Names, as it would create difficulty in managing

5. Keep Name always short to understand

How to Manage, once after creation?

1. To Edit/ Modify/ Delete the names, Go to "Name Manger" under Formulas Tab or by Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl +F3.

2. You can view all the Created names by simply pressing F3 Key.

3. You can as well name the cells with their corresponding names placed in a heading (either as column header or Row header), by simply pressing the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F3

Let us further understand with an example in this video tutorial

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