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How To Join Texts Together To Form A Single Line In MS Excel and Vice Versa || Justify Tool in Excel

In this tutorial let us learn about an interesting tool in Excel. With this tool, one can join pieces of text together into a single line and vice versa.

Let us consider an example here with text in different cells and now we want to bring this together in a single cell.

You may think that we can do this by using the CONCATENATE function but I would be showing the simpler and smarter way to do this.

Did you ever hear the Justify function in excel?? Now, let's use this tool to perform this trick.

Step 1: Select all the text in different cells

Step 2: Now extend your selection towards the right, so as to accommodate all the text into a single line

Step 3: Now in the Home tab of the menu bar, in the Fill option's drop-down menu select the justify command. Now the text appears in a single row...its simple right.

Now let's see the working vice versa.

let us break the same text into pieces into different rows

Step 1. Select the Row which is having the text, along with some multiple rows underneath which shall accommodate the text when splitting

Step 2. once again go to the File option and select the Justify tool from the drop-down menu.

Step 3. You will see the text splitting into different rows.

THAT's IT!!!!!

I believe you must have been thrilled with this awesome trick.

Watch this video tutorial for better understanding:

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