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How to get Excel 2013 to show a comma after millions (English format) or Thousands (Indian format)

Updated: May 12, 2018

Let us see how we can set different currency formats in excel.

In general , in excel we have the English group formatting like 123,456,789.00.

This can be converted into the Indian group formatting like 12,34,56,789.00 and vice versa.

lets see conversion of English to Indian grouping first

Step 1: 

The number that i entered in excel sheet is "3500000000" as shown below

And when i click on the Comma function from the menu bar, the number will be grouped into the English format.

Step 2:

Now, Go to Control panel>>Region and Language

Step 3:

In the Format tab, under the drop down menu u will be seeing the default format, here it is English (United States).

Step 4:

Change this to  " English (India)" and click on "Apply" and then "OK"