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How To Display Multi Categories In Excel Charts

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Do You Know that we can show the multi categories in an excel chart?? like shown here...

Let's see this trick in detail in this tutorial.

1. Let's consider an example of my grocery list and expenditure spent on those items, like shown here.

2. Using this data, let's create a chart showing the expenses by category wise.

3. Just arrange the data as shown here. And add the category name in the column left to the items list.

4. I categorize these as Fruits for the first 3 items, and then dairy as next category for next three items, and then meat for the next 3 items. So I am dividing these into 3 broad categories fruits, dairy and meat.

5. Now, Select the entire data set.

6. Go to Home tab, Click Insert, under charts, select 2D column chart. This one.

7. You will get a chart. Format it the way you want.

8. That's all friends, you can see the categories in the chart axis, as per your wish.

Watch this video tutorial for better understanding: