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How To Create Organizational Chart in Just 3 Steps

In this tutorial, Let us see how to create an awesome Organizational Chart in just 3 easy steps.

Generally we prepare Organizational charts in Powerpoint presentations or in MS Excel with lot of efforts. But from now on wards, I hope you will be creating awesome Organizational charts in a simple method from this tutorial.

Step 1: First log in to your google account.

Step 2: In the address bar of your browser, type Google docs to search in google.

Step 3: Click on the first result.

Step 4: Now, Select Sheets and click on Go to Google Sheets.

Step 5: A new window will be opened up now.

Step 6: Start a new spreadsheet by clicking on this Blank + sheet.

Step 7: From the tool bar, click on the Insert chart tool to create a Org. chart now.

Step 8: Here, I am selecting the data range as A1:B13

Step 9: In the chart editor, drag down to the bottom of the options and select the organizational chart and click on Insert button.

Step 10: Now, you will be getting a window where you can see the chart developing. Start filling the fields containing people and their reporting managers in the first two columns of the table. and you can view the org. chart immediately as you update the table.

Step 11: I keep on adding names and their respective reporting managers like this to any number of levels.

Step 12: Once you are done with the data entry, click on the chart and click on the drop down icon at the right top corner to either format it, save or publish.

I am clicking on this advance edit to apply formatting, like I can change colors, like this.

and also you can save this as an Image on to your local drive and you can use this as per your requirement.

So friends this is all about How To Create Organizational Chart in an easier way.

Here is the detail Video Tutorial for better understanding:

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