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How To Color Only Visible Cells In Excel

Updated: May 12, 2018

We do face this problem when we want to color only the visible cells, we generally select all the cells and color them.Later, when we remove the filters, we observe that the hidden cells have also been colored. But, instead we can color only the visible cells using this simple procedure.

Lets see an example here:

I have an excel sheet with the data as shown

and I have hidden the rows 6,7,8

and if I select these cells by normal selection and color it in green color, all the hidden cells will also be colored.

But instead I will select only the visible cells by

1. Selecting all the cells normally and then

2. Pressing "Alt+;" on my keyboard which enables to select only the visible cells.

3. And then color the cells by green color. I get the desired result now as shown when I unhide the cells

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Sep 18, 2023

thank you. ive been looking for this for months T.T lifesaver

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