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How To Add Legends To the Chart Itself In Excel; Smart way to show legends in chart

Updated: May 16, 2019

In this tutorial, I will show you an interesting trick in Excel on How To Add Direct Legends To the Chart Itself.

In this example, let us consider the data range as shown consisting of Plan and actuals for 6 months.

Step 1: Let us plot the chart from the quick analysis tool like this.

Step 2: The normal line chart will be generated like this

Step 3: Now, let us enter the values of last column into a new column, which will be an extra column now.

Step 4: Click on the chart and extend the data range to include the new column as well, so that it gets captured into the chart like shown below.

Step 5: Now right click on the new column's cell and click on Format cells and set the format as custom and type "Plan"