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Finish Date doesn't get changed? when you change the duration in Primavera P6

Updated: May 11, 2018

We do face this problem of Finish date of the activity not getting changed, when we change the duration of the activity. Now, let us see the example and learn how to fix this issue.

If you see the Activity A1030 in the below primavera schedule, the duration of the activity is 5 days and finish date as 24-Mar-14.

 and now let's see the change in the Finish date by changing the duration from 5 days to 15 days and observe that there is no change in the Finish Date.

and  this error is being caused as the primavera is not calculating the remaining duration of this activity when the original duration is being changed. In fact, we observe that the change we are making by increasing  original duration of the activity is not linking with the remaining duration. This is the situation where everyone gets panic and finally land upon the solution of adjusting the remaining duration as the tool doesn't automatically calculate the new remaining duration when the original duration is being changed.

And now let us actually see the simple solution to fix this bug.

Step 1:

Click on the Project

Step 2:

Select the Project that you are working right now as shown in the picture below and go to the Calculations tab in the project details window at the bottom of the screen.