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Best Way To Create Plan Vs Actual Graph In Excel || dptutorials

In this tutorial, let us learn the best way to create a plan vs actual graph in Excel.

This chart as shown on the left side is what generally people tend to use.

Now see on to the right side this is what I prefer the most because this adds value to your visual reports.

Now let's get into the working file to see how it is done.

1. First, select the entire data set.

2. Go to Insert tab

3. In the charts section, click on the 2D clustered Column Chart

4. Chart gets created, To Change the look of the Plan values. Click on any of the bars of Plan values. Right-click and select 'Change Series Chart type'.

5. In the dialog box, select the 'Line Chart with markers'. This will change the plan value bars into the line with markers.

6. Click Ok

7. Now, your chart looks like this as shown.

8. Select the line and right-click to select the 'Format Data Series' option

9. In the Format Series Pane, Under the Fill icon, in the line options, select 'No Line'. Now only markers would remain in the chart.

10. Under Marker options, select the Built-in and select the marker that looks like a small dash.

11. Change the size as per your wish and adjust, let's make it here as 30

12. Now, see the chart is ready. Looking awesome right?

So, friends, this is all about this tutorial.

Watch this video tutorial for better understanding:

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