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4.4 : Primavera Learning - Updating and Scheduling Projects

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

One should update project schedule so as to maintain, record progress and keep on track.

Updating schedules can be either done by directly applying actuals or by using the timesheet updates from the project reporter module.

Once you are done with the updating of actual progress dates and % progress, you can schedule the project so as to see the impact of the delayed progress.

Remember to always update your schedule regularly so as to keep yourself updated. While updating, you will notice that the actual durations vary from the original durations, there may be additional modifications compared to baselines as well.

Scheduling Methodology:
  1. Firstly, identify the types of data to collect relating to activities and resources. Always collect actual dates and remaining durations/resources.

  2. Determine how the said data shall be collected. Standardize the method of collecting the data.

  3. Determine how often the data should be collected and updated.

  4. Analyze and communicate the data: Once you update the schedule, analyze the results and communicate to the teams accordingly on the impacts

Methods of Updating:

Schedules can be updated in various methods, you can use the combination of methods as well. When you only need to estimate progress, you can choose the “auto compute actuals”. This method can be applied only when the schedule is on track, all the activities are performed as per the schedule.