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4.3 : Primavera Learning - Updating Baselines

As the project progresses, many changes occur in project data. Then the original baseline project that you have created may not accurately measure performance against the current project. And you cannot create a new baseline to measure the accurate results as some data

Some of the changes may occur like:changed during the life of the project.

Drop/Addition of activities, Modified dates, costs, resources, steps, documents, relationships, notebooks, documents, codes etc.Modified Details, documents, risks, thresholds, calendars, codes

Using the Update Baseline feature, you can update the original baseline plan with new project updated data, while updating you can choose the fields that you want to update or you can apply a filter to update activities that meet the filter’s criteria.

How to update a baseline?

Open the project whose baseline you would like to update, Go to Menu bar, choose Project, and maintain baselines.

In the Maintain baseline dialog box, select the baseline and click on “Update” button

Select the project level data you want to update from this window by checking the check boxes. Choose to update all activities or select a filter to only update activities that meet the filter’s criteria. Choose to add new activities from this current project, delete activities that are no longer valid for the current project.

And you can update existing activities, clicking Update Options to select the types of activity and resource/role assignment data you want to update.

To save the results of the baseline update to a file, enter a path or select a file under log to file. After selecting required options, finally click Update. When the update is complete, you can view the results by clicking View Log. The PM module stores the date on which the baseline was last updated, you can view the Last update date field in the Maintain Baselines dialog box.

Here is the detailed video tutorial for your better understanding:

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