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3.2 : Primavera Learning - Working with Activities

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Activities are the fundamental elements of the project.

These are the lowest level of WBS structure. Let us understand about activities in detail in this chapter.

Use the activity table or activity network layout to add activities. Activity information can be defined in the activity details at the bottom layout of the activities window.

Activities Overview:

“General” Tab:

Activity Type:

Go to General tab of the activity details section and for any selected activity, you can change/modify the information of the activity like you can define or choose the activity type from options

  • Finish Milestone

  • Level of Effort

  • Resource dependent

  • Finish Milestone

  • Task dependent

  • WBS Summary

Duration Type:

You can then select the Duration type from the below options:

  • Fixed duration &units

  • Fixed duration &units/time

  • Fixed Units

  • Fixed Units/time

% Complete Type:

This will define how to calculate an activity’s percent complete, to choose among duration, physical and Units.

Activity calendar:

You can select the existing calendars for your project or else you can create a new calendar as per the requirement