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2.8 : Primavera Learning - Calendars

The calendars define the number of available work hours in each calendar day. You can then create and assign calendars to each resource and each activity. The Primavera module uses your calendar for scheduling and tracking activities, and also leveling resources across your organization. You can link resource and project calendars to global calendars.

In this Chapter, let us learn how to add calendars and how to modify them.

Add Calendars:

You can create an unlimited number of calendars to accommodate different work patterns in your organization. You can create different calendars and assign the activities and resources in your projects to them.

Basically there are three calendar pools: Global, Resource, and Project.

The global calendar pool contains calendars that apply to all projects in the database.

The resource calendar pool is a pool of calendars for each resource.

The project calendar pool is a pool of calendars for each project in the organization.

You can assign either of the resource or global calendars to resources, and either of the global or project calendars to activities.

To Create Calendar:

Go to Menu bar, Choose Enterprise, Calendars. Choose Global, then click Add.

Select the calendar you want to copy for the new global calendar, then click the Select button

Type the new calendar’s name. To edit the new calendar, click Modify.