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2.7 : Primavera Learning - User Defined Fields

Apart from the in-built fields available in primavera, you can create User-defined fields which enable you to customize fields and values and add them to the project database.

For example, you can use them to track additional activity data such as ordered dates, delivery dates, revised budgets, purchase order / work order numbers, vendor names, etc.

In this chapter, let us learn how to create User defined fields, how to work with them and how to work with indicators type of User defined fields.

How to Create UDFs?

For each custom user defined field you create, you can specify any of the following data formats for that field: Text, Start Date, Finish Date, Cost, Integer, Number, Text, and Indicator.

To Define: Go to the Menu bar, Choose Enterprise, select User Defined Fields.

Select the subject area to which you want to add a new field, then click Add.

Double-click in the Title column and type a name for the User Defined Field. Double-click in the Data Type column and select the appropriate data type from the drop down menu and then click Close. To add one more UDF, you click Add again and follow the same process.

Working with User Define Fields

You can create columns for UDFs, group, sort, and filter based on UDF data, and view UDF data in reports.

You can display UDFs in the columns of the Activity Table, Activity Steps, Activity Resource Assignments, Projects, Resources, WBS, Project Expenses, Issues, Risks, and Work Products and Documents.