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2.6 : Primavera Learning - Project Codes

You can organize the Projects in EPS in groups according to categories such as location wise, discipline wise using the project codes.

Using Project codes, you can arrange projects hierarchically when your EPS have many projects with many levels.

You can establish as many as project codes to meet the grouping, sorting, filtering and reporting requirements for your projects.

In this Chapter, let us see how to establish the project codes, assign them to projects and use them to organize the layouts.

Establishing Project Codes:

To define Project codes, go to Menu bar, Choose Enterprise, Project Codes.

Click Modify in the Project Codes dialog box, then add to define as many project code definitions as you need.

Click Modify, then type a project code name, along with the number of characters that will be available for each code value.

In the Project Codes dialog box, select the project code for which you want to establish values, then click Add and type the values and descriptions. To change a code value’s position in the project codes hierarchy, select the code, then click the arrow button.

To see a graphical display of your project codes hierarchy, click the Display Options bar and choose Chart View

You can also modify the appearance of the charts by right clicking the mouse and select on customize tab.

The Project Management module works with the weighted project codes, enabling you to rank or prioritize projects using a weight value and then view projects by score. For example, assume you rank projects in terms of priority. Project codes with the highest score have the most priority; those with the lowest score have the least priority.

To add Weights to a project code:

Click the Display Options bar, select Columns, then choose Weight.

And then enter a value in the Weight column for each project code in this dialog box.

Assigning Project codes to Projects:

In the Projects window, select a project. In the details tab at the bottom click the Codes tab.

Then click Assign. In the Assign Project Codes dialog box, click the value for the applicable code

Then click the Assign button (+).

Grouping, Sorting and Filtering by Codes:

Use project codes to group projects in Activity Table and Gantt chart layouts within the Projects window.

Right click on the project’s window, then choose Group and Sort By. Choose a specific project code or choose Customize to include additional codes or other project elements in your layout.

To Filter:

You can create custom filters that use project codes to limit the view of projects that are included in the Projects window. In the menu bar, choose Filter By

Customize. Click “New” in the Filters dialog box to add a filter.

Name the Filter name and mention the rules which it has to filter and click OK.

The new filter is listed under User Defined filters, and the corresponding select checkbox is marked, indicating it is active. Click Apply or OK to see the projects selected by the filter.

Here is an Illustrative video tutorial of the same for better understanding:

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