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2.3 : Primavera Learning - Resources, Codes and Roles

In this Chapter, let us understand about Resources, Codes and Roles.

Resources include manpower, material and non-material that perform tasks to complete any project. These Resources can be further assigned to different levels of activities in projects.

You can create a Resource database in a hierarchy to reflect particular organization’s resources. To these resources, codes can be established which will help you in grouping, filtering and sorting.

Most importantly, you can setup roles with specific skill sets, which can be used as resource assignments. You can assign prices for all these resources per unit, which will help you in planning costs by resource and roles.


Start Adding Resources to your database which are required to complete your projects including their limits, unit prices, calendars to define its work hours, shifts. Define the categories of the resources, which will help you at later stage to easily find the related resource from the database.


Roles are nothing but your Project personnel like job titles. These can be broadly classified as discipline wise with a hierarchy. These Roles can be assigned with certain resources.

View and Add Resources:

Go to Resource window to view and add resources which are necessary to complete your project. You can add and structure the resources in a hierarchy model to easily classify based on disciplines/ work that perform.

You can set up multiple levels of breakdown structure similar to that of EPS. Include Project managers, Team leaders and other managers in the Resources who fall under non-material category.

To View Resources: Go to Menu Bar, Choose Enterprise, Click Resources tab. Click the display options bar and filter “All Resources” to display to view all the resources available. You can view the complete information of the resource in the description table at the bottom.

To select the resources to display: Click on Display options bar, choose Filter by, choose all Active Resources, All Resources, or current Project’s resources.

To change the view of Resources: Right click on mouse and select the “Chart View” and to customize the details that are being displayed in the chart by right clicking mouse, choose columns and click on customize.

To add Columns to display in the Window: Right Click on Mouse and select columns and add preferred columns.