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2.2 : Primavera Learning - EPS, OBS

In this Chapter, let us understand Enterprise Project Structure (EPS) and Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS), and how to develop, create and add them in Primavera .

Enterprise Project Structure (EPS) is nothing but a cluster of projects. Database of projects arranged in a hierarchy is called as EPS. EPS can be sub-divided into many levels or nodes as needs to work parallel. Projects are the lowest level of hierarchy in EPS structure. You can summarize the projects for each node in the EPS

To View EPS: On the Home Screen, click on the Projects tab to view the EPS nodes/ Projects.

To Create/Modify EPS: Go to Menu Bar and select Enterprise>> Enterprise Project Structure... and then in the next window click on Add to add any EPS Node and use the arrows to adjust the level of node. You can delete any unwanted EPS node by clicking on Delete button. You can Cut and paste the EPS to change/modify the position of the EPS node.

You can filter the Projects in the EPS by status using the Filter Function. You can re-position the EPS Nodes by using the drag and drop function.

Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) represents the management responsible for each project. Each area manager in the EPS node is responsible for his area of EPS, either by node or by project and WBS of the particular hierarchy.