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2.1 : Primavera Learning - Getting Started

Lets first see how to install the Primavera tool into your system. This will guide you through setting up the PM Module on your computer.

Once the Installation is done, Click start, choose All Programs, Oracle - Primaver P6, Project Management.

  1. Log In using the valid login name and password and then select,accept the database and click OK

2. You will get to see the Home Screen after logging in consisting of Projects, Resources, Reports, Tracking and Project Data (This will further have WBS, Activities, WPs & Docs which will be enables only when any Project is already opened).

3. If you would like to change the Welcome Home Screen, you can change this by going to the Menu Bar, click on Edit>>User Preferences...

Go to Application and then in the Application Startup Window select the desired field from the drop-down menu.

4. To change the Password, Click the password tab in the same window and set the new password by clicking on the password button.

5. To Select the Language in which you want the information to be displayed, Choose tools; Set Language and select from the drop down menu.

6. Now let us understand about the Toolbars in Navigation

7. Directory tools

  1. Projects - Displays the projects window

  2. Resources - Displays the Resources window. You can add or modify resources here.

  3. Reports - Displays reports window. Use this to produce reports for all projects

  4. Tracking - Displays the tracking window. Use to display tracking layouts

  5. WBS - Displays the Work Breakdown Structure window

  6. Activities- Displays the activities window for the opened project.

  7. Assignments - Displays the Resource assignments window.

  8. WPs & Docs - Displays the work products and Documents window.

  9. Expenses - Displays the Project expenses window

  10. Thresholds - Displays the Project Thresholds window

  11. Issues  - Displays the Project Issues window

  12. Risks - Displays the Project Risks window

We will understand these tools and toolbars in detail when we start creating the project.

Here is the detail Illustrative Video Tutorial of the same for better understanding

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