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Useful Hot Keys In Primavera

Updated: May 16, 2018

Hot Key/ Shortcuts commands In Primavera P6 are those which save valuable time that most of us are unaware of. Its very rewarding and impressive to know how a few simple Primavera P6 tips have such a big impact on users.

So here are some Hot Key commands that are available in Primavera P6

Command  Hot Key

Create a New Project                      Ctrl+N

Open a Project                                 Ctrl+O

Close Opened Projects                   Ctrl+W

Commit Changes                           F10

Refresh                                             F5

Undo                                               Ctrl+Z

Copy Ctrl+C

Paste Ctrl+V

Reorganize Layout                         Shift +F2

Schedule                                          F9

Level Resources                            Shift +F9

Find Next                                        F3

Fill Down                                       Ctrl+E

Spell Check                                    F7

Add insert

Delete Del

Find Ctrl+F

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