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Tips and Tricks in using MS Word

We do understand that we face some problems while working with MS Word. Here I am mentioning some tips and tricks which can solve some of our problems and makes us efficient.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. To select the complete sentence: Click anywhere in a sentence, Hold the Ctrl key and then click the left button on your mouse.

  2. To select entire paragraph: Make three clicks anywhere in the paragraph.

  3. To create a Line: Type three hyphens and click enter key on your key board.

  4. To Erase the complete Word: Press the Ctrl key and click backspace to remove the entire word in a single click.

  5. Subscript and Superscript: To make a text Subscript, select the text and click Ctrl+, to make a text superscript, select the text and click Ctrl Shift +

  6. To Test Format and Text size of a document: Type =rand(8,10) and press enter, that will generate random text you can use for testing the page format.

  7. To move the cursor to the location where it was when you last save the document press Shift + F5

  8. To Change the Font Size: Select the text  and press Ctrl+Shift+> to increase the font size and press Ctrl+Shift+< to decrease the size of font.

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