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Unable To Change The Original Duration In Primavera P6??

Updated: May 11, 2018

Here is a case when we are unable to change the original duration field once the schedule has been scheduled. This is because the activity has already been started. Let's get into detail explanation:

The Start and Finish Dates which we see at the time of preparing a schedule will be locked as planned start and Planned finish respectively. So, any change to the Original Duration can be seen with a change in the Planned Finish/Finish.

When a Task has not started:

Planned Dates and Start,Finish Dates are linked to each other

Lets see with an Example: Where Planned dates are same as the Start/Finish Dates

When a Task is in Progress:

The Planned Start Date Remains Unchanged if the Actual Start Date is different from the Original Planned Date.

Here in the example, lets status the schedule with actual date of Activity 1 as "26-Dec-14" and schedule(F9) it. you will observe the following changes in the schedule

  1. Planned Start date remains unchanged. 

  2. Original Duration will also be changed as it adds up the difference of Actual Start and Planned Start i.e 18 working days, so the original duration has become 38 from the previous 20 days.

  3. And the Finish Date/Planned Finish will now be equal to Planned Start Date +Original Duration.

When a Task is Completed:

The Planned Date are un linked from all the Date fields.

Here is the detailed video tutorial for your better understanding:

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