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Labor Productivity

Updated: May 12, 2018

Productivity in General expresses the relation between inputs and Outputs. Labor is the basic resources requirement in the construction industry. Labor Productivity usually relates manpower in terms of labor cost incurred on the Project. So, Productivity has a significance in the construction. In the Construction, many factors both external & internal affect the productivity of the labor.This factor leads to a variation in the productivity thus escalating the Project cost. Thus, the Labor Productivity has to be monitored on regular basis and to be ensured that the productivity doesn't fall at any point of time. Even certain steps to be implemented in order to increase the Productivity with a limited number of Manpower, which reduces the Labor cost of the Project.

Here are some of the methods of improving Productivity.

  • Training Programs for the Labor- To enhance the Skill Levels

  • Arranging Enough tools in the working place and proper planning.

  • Incentives/Perks in contract for better performance.

  • Optimizing Site facilities.

  • Availability of Resources at any point of time

  • Competition between Gangs/Crews, Areas.

  • Good Supervision and Optimum Skill Matrix of the Labor.

  • Short Interval Scheduling of the activities.

  • Innovative Materials and Mechanized Equipments

  • Time Lapse Analysis for the critical activities.

  • Cost Reporting for the Critical Activities.

  • Safety Programs.

  • Use of Precast and Prestressing Concrete Elements, Prefab  Structures.

  • Critical Path Method of Planning,Scheduling and Controlling

  • Value Engineering

  • Worker Motivation Programs

  • Standardization

  • Pre-Planning Activities

  • Effective Utilization of Sub-Contractors.

Major Causes Leading to Poor Productivity.

  • Congestion

  • Sequencing

  • Lack of Materials.

Misconceptions about construction productivity

  • Key factor for Low Productivity is Labor

  • As the Productivity is controlled by weather, it cannot be improved

  • The Construction industry always have an unfavorable relationship process.

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