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2.9 : Primavera Learning - Activity Codes

You can define set of Activity codes to categorize the activities in your projects. You can then use them to group, sort and filter activities according to the activity codes and values you assign.

In this tutorial, let us learn how to use global codes to organize project activities across an enterprise project structure (EPS) according to specific categories, such as discipline, product and division. Also, let us learn how to establish project activity codes to filter and organize activities based on unique, project-specific requirements.

Creating Activity Codes

To create global activity codes: Go to Menu Bar, Choose Enterprise and click on Activity Codes.

Choose Global.

Then click Modify. Click Add, then type the name of the global activity code. Specify the maximum number of characters for the activity code’s values.

To create global activity code values: Choose Enterprise, Activity Codes. Choose Global. Select the activity code for which you want to create a value.

Then click Add. Type the value’s name and description.